Hurricane Tips

Hurricane Tips

Before the Storm

Natural gas lines require you to take no special precautions. In cases of severe lighting, you might want to unplug natural gas appliances to avoid possible electrical damage.


During the Storm

Most natural gas cooking and water heating appliances will continue to operate safely without electricity. Some may require that you manually light the pilot, and this should be done according to the appliance manufacturer’s instructions.


After the Storm

When returning from evacuation, check natural gas appliances for possible damage or leaks. If you smell a strong sulfur odor, leave immediately and call Pensacola Energy Emergency Services at (850) 474-5300. If no smell is present, operation of natural gas appliances should be safe. If a natural gas generator was in use for several days, the oil should be checked, and if necessary, changed.


Natural Gas Power Generators

In the event of power failure, the generator will return electricity to the structure within 30 seconds and continue providing electricity until the original power source has returned.


Storm Repair

During clean-up and repair, avoid natural gas interruption and damage to the gas lines by calling 811 from Florida and 1-800-432-4770 outside the state of Florida before digging.